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In 2014 as part of a rebranding we were asked to redesign the FC Basel website. FC Basel fans are very loyal and committed, they care a lot about their team - in order to give them a full FC Basel experience, we opted for a tile system where we would have fixed elements (like rankings, games, sponsor ads), news content and social media streams.





Intro & Role
In 2013 the agency I was working for was asked to redesign the corporate identity of the football team FC Basel. As a junior digital art director first and then as the digital art director, my role was to take care of the visual redesign of the website that would follow in 2014/15.

FC Basel 1893 is a Swiss football club based in the city of Basel. It is one of the most successful clubs in Switzerland and in recent times one of the few that often participates in European tournaments.
It has a very passionate fanbase that is attending pretty much every game, one of the highest average attendance in Switzerland.

The initial task was focused on modernising the previous website. We decided not to just do that, but to reframe the goal to engaging the fans more while modernising the website.

My part in the project started when the agency received a series of wireframes from another agency that also developed the website. While the new structure was pretty clear and the redesign task as well, we felt like there was room for improvement also content wise.
We suggested a feed based homepage that would not only feature official content like updates, game scores, statistics, but also fan generated content from different social media channels. After the client approval of the concept, minus the social media part, I proceeded with the design.
While I took care of most of the deliverables, I had to delegate part of the design to one of the junior art directors (Martina Miani) because of my impending holidays in Japan (poor me 😅), but everything went very smoothly.


Behind the scenes