Hi, I'm Manu. 30 years old.
From Lugano. Living in Zürich.
I'm an Interaction Designer with a background in advertising.
I build things that make people happy.


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    Things I know (in no particular order)
    design / UI animation / photography / HTML&CSS / the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything / count to three in Japanese
    Things I don't know (in no particular order)
    make good caramel / Chinese / swim front crawl
    Things I do like (in no particular order)
    travel / #tamaemochi / HKG / material design / good food / beauty products / weightlifting / coke zero / black, grey, white, pink
    Things I don't like (in no particular order)
    dill / diet coke
    Things I did (in inverse chronological order)
  • worked at Scholz & Friends from July 2012 to November 2016 as a Digital Art Director
    (created advertising concepts / built interfaces / animated / won awards for USM project50)
  • quit smoking in 2013
  • move to Zürich in 2012
  • worked at Positioner from October 2010 to June 2012 as a Creative
    (built websites / created online campaigns / bought media / monitored GA)
  • got a Bachelor in Visual communication in 2010
    (focused on web design and marketing)
  • play WoW from 2004 to 2009
    (Warlock, Ally, PvE)
  • built my first website in 2002
  • think I wanted be a lawyer from 12 to 16
    Things I didn't do (in no particular order)
    become a lawyer / get my PADI / liked Australia / break a bone / sleep in a tent / drive a car