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The Scholz & Friends Schweiz website was created in 2015 for the agency I have been working for since 2012. The goal of the website is to promote the agency to potential customers and potential hires through being more relatable and personable and showcasing its work.

In 2014 the agency started working through a new concept: the be the agency for change. And with this required a digital redesign in order to present and promote itself.

Intro & Brand

In 2014 the agency started working through a new concept: the be the agency for change. And with this required a digital redesign in order to present and promote itself.

Team & Brand

As the only art director on the project my roles varied from developing a visual language that was unique to the Swiss branch, to building the concept, to testing out the interaction. I worked basically hand in hand with our digital architect, Dan Nessler, and communicated as often as possible with the developer partner, Pascal Beyeler.


How can we attract potential employees and clients while showing them we are the agency for change?


Our digital architect started the project by interviewing the stakeholders and making an assessment of the current website. We collected benchmark websites and tried to understand what could work and what couldn’t for our project.
After this process we restructured the content into 3 main categories that would be relevant for the new target group: agency & services, team and portfolio.
Dan started then to build the first wireframes that we discussed together and then built new ones. We tested the wireframes with 5 colleagues who were not familiar with the project and then I proceeded with the design, which we were constantly reviewing.
To highlight the agency for change concept we decided it would be interesting to have the website itself change constantly, perhaps by adding an element coming from the agency itself. As a reference we had Sid Lee’s dashboard, but we knew that it would be too complicated to maintain this kind of project at our agency. Being a high IFTTT user while I was looking through their available Channels I stumbled upon Netatmo and after reading about it, talking with our developer and our stakeholders, we decided to buy it and use the agency’s level of sound as part of our changing website.
I played quite a bit with a spreadsheet and decided it would be best to assign a highly visible changing element to the sound, like the Hue and keep Brightness and Saturation more gradual. Eventually the value of Hue is dictated by the decibel level present in the office where the Netatmo is place, the value of Brightness is based on the time of the day and the Saturation is based on the outdoor temperature. This is readable on the Dashboard which also shares the HEX and RGB code of color together with its name. 
In order to make the website more relatable, other than adapting the language (i.e. “we” instead of “Scholz & Friends”), we decided to ask the team member themselves to choose their own pictures, one had to be a portrait, optionally one could be a child portrait, and the rest should be things they loved so that whoever visits that page, gets to know us a little better. 

While the website and its content differ quite a bit from the original Scholz & Friends concept, we managed to translate what Scholz & Friends Schweiz is quite successfully. 



Behind the scenes